Let’s cut through the noise and build a business that works *for* you

Let’s face it…

The internet doesn’t need another blog about business or marketing. The landscape is already WAAAY overcrowded, and you probably get bombarded with dozens of emails and ads about entrepreneurship, life hacks, passive income, online marketing, becoming a freelancer, working from home, bla bla bla every single day. What do these self-appointed “rah-rah” experts tell you do do?

  • Blogs! Webinars! Raise your rates! Do SEO! White papers! Actually, lower your rates! Direct email! Be an affiliate! Never mind, you should work for free! Build a portfolio! Market on Facebook!

Ugh…I just got fed up with running around like a headless chicken listening to this podcast, watching these Youtube videos, buying those courses, and reading that hot new blog everyone’s talking about. These tips and tactics did everything for me but generate revenue. I’d tell my buddies who were still in the corporate world, “Dude, you have to listen to this entrepreneur podcast! I’ve been taking notes and–”

“That’s nice, Joshua. How much have you earned since putting that strategy into place?”

*Clears throat* “So…uh..how ’bout those Cincinnati Bengals, huh? Can’t win a playoff game, it’s crazy!”

It’s easy to download that new podcast about freelancing and buying the ebook about becoming a wealthy freelancer. But information overload, that’s the Achilles heel of getting results in our businesses, whether we’ve got 1 client or 100.

Hey, it’s hard to turn all that disjointed information into an actionable plan because there’s always that nagging question: am I missing something here?

This is why BeyondFreelance.com exists. Imagine if you could just cut through the noise and see what actually works to get you the results you want, such as:

  • have clients come to you asking, “Am I a good fit for your business?
  • know exactly what customers are willing and able to buy before you ever meet them
  • set up automated marketing systems so you never, ever again have to wonder where next month’s rent is coming from
  • decide exactly what clients you want to work with and be able to say NO to the time-suckers and energy-killers

I’m here to synthesize the best of the best of what we are learning out in the field (you can teach me so much, too) in real, live businesses. I would rather take action on something that’s good enough to earn more revenue (the ultimate result we’re all gunning for) than just theoretically plan out a perfect idea that I never take action on (how many of us get stuck at this stage?).

At the end of the day, we’re all on this journey of self-employment together.

Here is what you can expect to see from me over the coming weeks and months:

  • getting inside your ideal customers’ heads as quickly and easily as possible (no surveys or software required!)
  • landing dream clients who are more than happy to pay you what you’re worth
  • kicking excuses to the curb and the ceiling off of your income for good…even if you’re terrified of marketing and selling
  • making the right action steps for success stupid-easy to implement
  • building the business of your dreams one revenue-generating system at a time

I invite you to hold me accountable to sharing my results with you, too. We are co-consultants here. Your voice, experience, and success stories deserve to be showcased. Your silence does nobody a service.

Here is what I expect from you, a top performer in-the-making:

  • don’t “believe” the strategies and tactics you read about here–test ’em to see how well they work for you
  • realize that you are responsible for your results (i.e., don’t be that guy we all knew in college who talked a big game but never did a darn thing do back it up)
  • accept the long-term challenge of building a business (full time or on the side, that’s your call) that earns you the income you desire month after month over the long haul

Let’s hustle!

2 comments on “Let’s cut through the noise and build a business that works *for* you

  1. That’s meee!

    What kind of businesses work well with automated marketing systems?

    Marketing takes up so much of my time, when I only get paid for when I’m actually writing – but I am worried about losing that personal touch.

  2. Hey Linsday,

    The good news is, automated marketing systems are not just for peeps selling info products.

    That issue of ROI on marketing is the topic of an upcoming article. For those of us without massive marketing departments behind us, we have to figure out very quickly what works and what doesn’t…but how do we even find the time to do that when there’s bills to be paid?

    ^ We’ll be covering all of this very shortly. 🙂

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