G2F 03: The Psychology of Epic – How to Design a Personal Brand You Can Be Proud of


My take on personal branding is what I call: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF EPIC

AKA, How to radically differentiate yourself from more experienced competitors and turn your target market into a captive audience (no price discounting as your default approach to negotiating rates, no special credentials needed, or ego-boostingly sleezy “Look at me in my [obviously rented] mansion!” videos required)

Want to leave the competition behind?

Then choose to present your freelance business as exactly what your clients want (and don’t ask them to make the connection in their heads, i.e. that “freelance copywriting services” leads to “a sales page that sells without sleaze”).

Chose to make life easier on your clientele by spelling out EXACTLY how your freelance services bring them the rewards in business (and in life) that they seek.

A personal brand that positions you as the perfect fit for your clientele is simply one they see as the practical solution to problems worth paying for to solve.

In Episode 03 of The Go-To Freelancer Show, I’ll show you how to do just that!