G2F 02: 80/20 Marketing – How to Create a Captive Audience of Eager Prospects who WANT to Hear Your Pitch


You heard me talk about The OPA Plan – aka, How to Borrow Other People’s Audiences to Explode Your Sales.

Now, let’s get those Other People excited about putting you in front of their audience – a small army of prospects who WANT to hear your freelance pitch.

With this “80/20” approach to marketing your services, you’re leveraging Non-Competing Service Providers to cut down on time spent looking for freelance work while amping up the number of clients in your pipeline.

Ditch the “meet-one-prospect-at-a-time-and-pray-they-don’t-waste-two-hours-of-your-life” strategy that swallows your schedule and drains your energy.