G2F 01: Why Do Some Proposals Get an Easy Yes While Others Collect Cobwebs?


  • Sick of the Vanishing Client Phenomenon?
  • Wondering why the hell they still haven’t read your proposal?
  • Tired of “We could be a perfect fit” prospects who pick your competitor when you were obviously the best choice?

Then today, you’re getting something worth writing home about.

It’s no secret—finding clients who pay you what you’re worth (and offer you long-term work) is hard.

That’s why, when your stars align and you do have the chance to close a sweet deal with a quality client, you want to give yourself every advantage.

And that means knowing how to write winning proposals.

Preferably…write winning proposals quickly.

And that is what you can expect to get from this bad boy today.

In Episode 01 of The Go-To Freelancer Show, Joshua talks proposals – why some get an easy yes while others, well…don’t.

The job of a freelance proposal is NOT to describe your services for a client, it’s job is to cultivate desire for your services. Listen now to spice up the persuasiveness of your freelance proposals.