Because the clients who’ll pay you every penny you deserve really, truly exist—and it’s about darn time you guys meet.


YOUR LIFE AS A GO-TO FREELANCER: Projects that make your heart feel good to work on also line your bank account with more moolah than you ever imagined being paid. You’re no longer at the mercy of clients who don’t respect you (or pay you what you're worth).

YOUR LIFE AS A GO-TO FREELANCER: Because you have several ways to generate leads and systematically turn them into clients, there’s no need to hustle your ass around looking for work ‘til it (your tush) falls off. Enough with this “hustle-hustle-hustle” rubbish. I like sleep!

    YOUR LIFE AS A GO-TO FREELANCER:      You know where money is coming from to pay bills this month, next month and beyond. You have clients coming your way so often that your schedule is full weeks in advance.

Hi, I'm Joshua Lisec!

I used to dream the dream of every aspiring freelancer:

to set your own schedule, have clients bring work to YOU, and work from wherever you feel like it . . . man, wouldn't that be awesome!

But then I actually made it happen. This is the story of how you can, too.

You've seen me in...

In 2011, I landed my first freelance gig on Fiverr.

With that $5 in my bank account, I knew I was gonna be the “next big thing.”

Cue 3 years of proposals being ignored, clients expecting discounts, “We’ve hired someone else” emails, and no clue WTF actually works to get consistent freelance work.

It was only when I stopped competing with other freelancers on job sites like Upwork did I begin to master the art of a persuasive freelance pitch. That alone changed everything.

Now, high-paying clients bring their work to me—work that’s consistent, aligns with my passions and giftings, and gets me checks every…single…month:

4k-invoice4.9k-she says yes9k500-32 4k-ao  

All it takes to get yourself a one-way ticket out of the Land of Sucky Freelance Gigs (that don’t pay well and don’t inspire you) is a proven method. A step by step process. . . A system to position yourself as the “Go-To Freelancer”.

Now that I’ve got my own freelancing house in order, I’m opening up the folds of my gray matter to give you an end-to-end process to become the Go-To Freelancer of your niche.


Juicy-As-F*ck Tips for Your Journey to Become a Go-To Freelancer:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Freaking EPIC. . .I am so impressed. . .Your advice on charging what you’re worth is some of the best I have seen on the topic. It resonated so well with me!

Bushra Azhar, The Persuasion Revolution
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Joshua, your guidance has made me more discerning about how to scope out clients and provide value to them. Your methods are different from other ways to get clients because you're removing yourself from having to compete with a lot of people. Another thing that you offer that no one else does (or does as well) is your personal guidance. Your time and knowledge investment is so remarkable because it spurs me into action.

Jeanne San Pascual, Freelance Copywriter
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I’ve just realized that I’m guilty of being the freelancer that tries to explain how awesome I am and what I can do instead of trying to relate to the clients’ needs, as you explain. I can’t thank you enough for making me realize this!

Brandon Martin, Freelance Designer