In your freelance career, have you been battling these mental gremlins lately?

  • “Is this client a good fit for me? No. Does the project pay me what I’m worth? HELL No. Do I need the money? Yes…Ugh!”

  • “How do I convince prospects to hire me without trying to talk me down on price? I know they desperately need what I do, but they just don’t understand that you get what you pay for!”

  • “Sometimes, I feel like a fraud. There’s so many people who do what I do, maybe better. Who am I to charge more than the Big Firms in New York or London?”

Sick of “paying your dues” on projects that drain your enthusiasm?

Tired of “just building a portfolio” with clients who pay you a burger-flipper’s wages?

Then it’s time to go BEYOND FREELANCE.


As a freelancer looking to scale up, you’ve got to know your value.

But just as importantly—know how to prove your value so clients are WILDLY HAPPY to pay you what you’re worth.

That’s how you build a sustainable income stream without doubling your workload (or hours spent in front of a computer with bloodshot eyes).


Get your freelance-y hands on the Beyond Freelance Tool-Kit (a $600 value, my gift to you):



A Pair of Deliciously Candid Reviews for the Beyond Freelance Tool-Kit:

“Joshua’s piece on charging what you’re worth is one of the best I have read on the topic. What a great mix of story and self-deprecating humour. It resonated so well with me!”

~ Bushra Azhar, ThePersuasionRevolution.com

“Wow dude, I feel like I should have actually paid you for this info. Thanks a ton!

~ some cool guy on Reddit

Here’s what you’ll discover in the 3-page + 7-minute video pack:

The 5-Figure Shift: The tested, proven strategy I used to turn a short-term, one-time gig into a $43k contract

  • IN OTHER WORDS. . . your income is your prerogative–how much revenue, how many clients? Like levers, you fine-tune them to find your freelance “sweet spot.”

The Hidden Freelance Market: Use the “Get vs. Gain” mindset shift to mine the hidden market of 4-figure and 5-figure projects

  • IN OTHER WORDS. . . you’re now curating all the business rolling in (like a CEO), not dumpster-diving for gigs at the last second to keep the lights on.

The Jacuzzi Technique: Get prospects salivating over you without pushy marketing or sleazy selling—this way, they’ll want to hire YOU and ONLY YOU

  • IN OTHER WORDS. . . you’ve got complete control of your schedule because so many people just. simply. WANT. YOU.

Are You Ready to Earn What You KNOW You’re Worth?


So, Who Is This Guy?

MoiJoshua Lisec, Beyond Freelancer & Scale-Up Strategist

  • I believe the job title “freelancer” should NEVER mean “working nearly for free.”

So, fellow freelancer, you canned the naysayers and took the brave leap into self-employment.

But did anyone tell you how trapped you’d feel when bills wildly outnumber billable hours?

When I started the freelancing-for-dollars game, I had no idea how to find clients who were perfect for me—much less finding enough of them to create a stable income month after month!

And the only thing I knew about “marketing” myself was how to spell the word. So, getting and keeping the attention of prospects long enough to close the sale? Geesh

Even worse, I had no idea how to “package my services” so clients would line up to work with me like it’s Black Friday at Wal-Mart.

And my proposal writing? Yeah…if you could just shred those sorry excuses of paper, that would be great…

That was several years ago, and I’ve since discovered how to “scale up” as a freelancer (the exact techniques I learned are covered in the Beyond Freelance tool-kit).

I took the looooong way around to create a comfortable living for myself and my family using the skills, knowledge, and experience I’ve had all along. But you don’t have to.

Because I believe in authenticity online, here are a few screenshots from real freelance projects I’ve landed recently. For comparison, back in 2011, I’d fist-pump whenever I landed a piddly $50 project! Oh, silly Joshua…

A total of $15,225 from this ONE client

A total of $15,255 from this ONE client


$16,000 total from this one client

I’m okay with monthly checks when the total payout is $16,000

Now that I’ve got my own house in order, I’m committed to helping freelancers like you go beyond one-off projects and feast-or-famine income so you can build your dream job from scratchfreedom and flexibility included.

Just think…

  • No more working BOTH butt cheeks off just to land grossly underpaying $9/hour gigs or $150 projects
  • No more offering race-to-the-bottom discounts in hopes of luring a “Yes” out of prospects
  • No more scouting for new clients at business card gangbangs (aka, networking events)

Who wants to practically crawl through barbed wire and over broken glass for clients who pay $15/hour when other freelancers are earning $50/hour for virtually the exact same services?


At the end of the day, being booked solid 6+ months in advance and earning over $100/hour doesn’t have to feel as out-of-reach as a cookie jar atop a fridge the size of the Empire State Building!


Where Shall I Send Your Copy of the 3 Page Guide + 7 minute Video Tool-Kit?